Are you ready to let go of limiting patterns? Would you like to reconnect to vitality in your life? Do you wish to open up to new possibilities? Get ready to engage at a new level!

A Little Bit About Me:


I offer caring, compassionate support and focused guidance to help people come into balance with their own inner wisdom and self-healing abilities and to make meaningful and lasting changes in their lives.

Get ready to engage at the next level in your professional, creative or personal life!

I offer individual counseling for adults who are ready to move beyond being stuck and limited and engage their lives in a new way. I specialize in body based therapies that build somatic awareness and mindfulness, including EMDR therapy to enhance sports or professional performance and creativity, to address grief and lossanxiety and depression issues, as well as building resiliency and wellness skills such as mindfulness for more effective coping. 

I am also a NIA (neuromuscular integrative action) instructor. I bring my expertise in mindfulness and body-based therapy practices to enhance my Nia classes. Each class is not only a fun and invigorating workout to soul stirring music, but also a chance to build somatic awareness, joy of movement and a sense of ease and freedom in the body. See my Class Schedule for more info.

I am a published poet and freelance writer. My writing workshops are designed to use creative writing as a tool for centering, reflecting and for personal growth. For more info, visit my Writing Blog.

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